Services & Capabilities

We focus on one product… Premium Graphite Electrodes. The SANGRAF philosophy is to take a proactive approach to providing the value added services you expect from a premium supplier. Every customer’s application starts with a comprehensive evaluation of EAF technical parameters. Our engineers then ensure our products meet or exceed your needs. In some cases our products are customized to meet those parameters.

EAF and LMF:

• Operational practices;

• Arc regulation;

• Process monitoring and efficiency measurement;

• Furnace power system tracking - SMART Box;

Graphite Electrodes:

• Production overview;

• SANGRAF offers in-house training;

• Chemical and physical properties;

• Electrode handling;

• Electrode consumption optimization - Best practices;

• Application parameters;

Steel industry veterans are part of the added value you receive with SANGRAF International. Our approach combines quality products with unsurpassed support. We assist customers with all aspects of EAF process optimization – through both direct assistance and strategic industry relationships.

SANGRAF has the in-house technology and expertise to assist in the electrical optimization of your EAF. You expect this service from a premium electrode supplier and SANGRAF provides it. We assist customers with all aspects of EAF process optimization including electrical tuning and monitoring, and overall process optimization as part of our premium graphite electrode offering.

If you need help tuning your EAF please call SANGRAF.
SANGRAF has the tools, technology and know-how to help you achieve your EAF optimization goals. Our technicians have proven competence in helping customers optimize the electrical performance and overall process optimization on their EAF. SANGRAF technical team has a proven track record at improving productivity and reducing energy and electrode consumption on EAF’s around the globe.

Our service and support starts with manufacturing. We manufacture premium graphite electrodes utilizing state-of-the–art graphite manufacturing technologies. Our facilities are certified ISO–9001:2015, ISO–45001:2018, OH SAS–18001:2007.

We have invested in technologies to supply premium grades in diameters from 12” (300mm) up to 32″ (800mm).

With high ethical standards and a proven track record of quality, dependability, constancy and competitive pricing – we’re out to foster lasting relationships.

Call us to discuss your needs.

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